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Run & Shoot Basketball is committed to serving and helping the youth in our communities and throughout Oregon to becoming active productive citizens, our goal is to make sure that everyone involved in our program has a safe and healthy place to experience the sport of basketball and life as well.


Run & Shoot Basketball is an Elite program built on hard work, integrity, unselfishness with the willingness to  encourage student athletes to be the best they can be and to become teachers and leaders to others.

Basketball Net


$150 Initial Membership Fee & $125 a Month Going Forward

Basic Membership

The initial $150 fee will cover the first month's membership which includes a practice jersey, skills and drills training twice a week and a scrimmage/game every other week.  After the initial fee of $150 your monthly membership fee going forward is only $125 a month.    Regardless of when you initially register your membership, monthly membership payments are due the 1st of every month.  For example, if you register on the 16th of this month as a new member your next monthly membership payment is due the 1st of the very next month.  However, when you cancel  your membership we will honor it through the 16th of the next month after cancellation.  

All players must also join AAU at the URL below:

Please purchase the Youth Athlete with Extended Coverage and utilize the Club Code and other information below when registering:

BA - Basketball-Boys  
District: OR   
Club Code: WYD5AF - Run&Shoot Westbrook

Player Rules & Expectations:

1. PLAYERS, all players are expected to be at both sessions during the week, if you cannot make it to a practice/training session you have to notify your coach before that session starts by text or phone call.

2. PLAYERS, absolutely no drama by parent or player will be tolerated, those players will be asked to leave the program, NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. PLAYERS, there is not such thing as equal playing time in this program. Coaches will determine how much a player will play if at all during games.  Your players will get back what they put in meaning, (1) you have to show up for both practice/training sessions, (2) you have to give 150%.

4. PARENTS, must maintain your child's AAU membership with our program as identified by our club code.

5. PARENTS, our program membership payments are due on the 1st of every month, payments should be made directly on our website as either a new Basic Membership or an Existing Membership.  Those who pay with cash or check can submit payment before or after practice on the 1st of the month.  Checks should be made payable to R&S Basketball LLC.

6. PARENTS, please do not coach your child during the games or practices.  This will not be tolerated at all by our coaches.  Parents who are involved in any negative interaction with referees or opposing fans that results in a technical foul or forfeit for any of our teams will be asked to leave the program.

Practicing Free Throws



Basketball Skills & Drills Schedule

We are currently holding all skills and drills training at the Kroc Center located at the following address:


1865 Bill Frey Dr, Salem, OR 97301.

Daily Skills & Drills Schedule:

Monday:  4:30pm - 6pm  (Kindergarten-5th Grade Boys & Girls)

Tuesday:   4:30pm - 6pm  (Kindergarten-5th Grade Boys & Girls)

Thursday:  4:30pm - 6pm (6th Grade-8th Grade Boys Only)

Thursday:  7:30pm - 9pm (6th Grade-8th Grade Girls Only)

Friday:  5pm - 6:45pm (6th Grade-High School Girls)

Friday:  7pm - 8:45pm (6th Grade-High School Boys)

Sunday:  11am - 3pm (Reserved for Team Practices & Scrimmages)


Due to state mandate, face coverings/masks are required while in the Kroc Center facility for guests age 5 and over.



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